past teacher grants

The following projects were funded:

Fit Sticks-­$407.00 Laura  Duffey  and  Krissy  Smiley  from  PROSPECT submitted  this  grant  to  purchase  materials  to  create  fit  sticks  which  are  one pound plastic tubes filled with  orn.   When  a  child  moves  the  sticks,  the  corn  shifts making  the  muscles  work  harder.    This  is  another  alternative  tool  for  resistance  training.

Using  Picture  Books-$2,605.80-Christine  Maxwell  (HMS),  Lisa  Powell  (HMS)  &  Mario  Castillo  (CHMS) submitted  this  grant  to  purchase contemporary  children’s  literature  in the  form  of  picture  books  that  can  be  used  and  borrowed  by  all  schools  to engage  students  in learning  and  to  create  a  positive  motivation  and  interest  in  topics  such  as  social  studies,  science,  math  and  language arts. These  books  ill  enhance  the  curriculum,  help  students  make connections  and  expand  personal  perspectives  and  cultural awareness.

Boosting  Brain  Organization-­$3,000.00 Penney  Davey  and  Gayle  Allen  (MONROE) submitted  this  grant  to provide  workshops  on  “Executive  Functioning”  which  accounts  for  the brain’s  ability  to  organize,  prioritize,  pay  attention  and  make  decisions,  an overlay  to  success  for  all  academic  and  life  skills.    The  district  will  provide  half  cost  of  the  program,  which  is  $6,000.

Three  Season  Green  House-$1,843.27 Linda  Lewis  and  Gail  Incrocci  (MADISON) submitted  this  grant  to construct  a  green  house  in  the back of  the  school  to  create  a  living  garden that  can  be  used  year  round.    They  have  plans  to  recreate  lessons  for  life sciences,  and  to learn  about  nature,  the  environment,  health  and nutrition.

Online  Wind  Energy-­$2,885.00 Nancy  Grapenthien  and  Ryan  Cantrell  (CHMS) submitted  this  grant  for a  curricular  extension  of  the  wind turbine  to  generate  online  data  that  could  be  accessed  by  all  students  in  our  district.    Access  to  wind  turbine information  is  the  stepping stone  for  the  initiative  to  come  true.

Past teacher grants 2010-2011