past teacher grants

The following projects were funded:

New Dimension in Middle School Math:This grant was submitted by HMS to pilot an award-winning supplemental game-based learning program called Dimension M with at-risk math students.  The proposal includes 15 user licenses for Evolver, a program that reinforces all middle school math
skills and Dimenxian, which supports algebra 1 readiness.  This innovative learning tool can be used for intervention to help struggling students, but it is also a means for teachers to differentiate and create individualized instructional plans.  Cost:  $1,275 Contact:  Erika Sajpel and Lea Eliopulos
A Day of Science Fun with Penn and Prospect Schools Prospect School has had a long-standing relationship with its sister school, Penn.  Under this proposal, Prospect would host Penn students for a day of science workshops in chemistry and physics facilitated by an outside group called Science Alliance.  In addition to the science study, the students will take part in a social/emotional workshop presented by SELAS.  The entire 4th grade will participate in this important day of multi-dimensional learning. Cost:  $2,825 Contact:  Kelly Awick
Peaceful Playgrounds  The goal of the Peaceful Playgrounds proposal is twofold:  First, to create and implement a better organized playground with activities that reduce injury and encourage responsible physical activity, and second, to promote the social/emotional learning goals of SELAS in the context of outdoor recess.  Students will be trained to recognize and intervene in situations that could be hurtful and to support their peers in
peaceful, stress free, inclusive recreation.  Additionally, SELAS will design lessons for conflict resolution and offer Peer Mediation training for 4th and 5th grade students. Cost:  $6,528.88 Contact:  Jeana Considine
Yoga For Children This grant submitted by Madison school, will provide yoga mats and instructional materials so that yoga may be introduced to the K-5 grades as part of a comprehensive PE program. Yoga is unique in that it permits the participants to make a mind/body connection.  This type of exercise is a peaceful activity and at the same time gives children the opportunity to improve muscular strength and tone, balance, flexibility, coordination and overall fitness. Cost:  $529 Contact:  Joan Rickert
Smart Music Technology Over 600 band students in every school in the district, grades 5-8, will use the music technology approved by this grant.  SmartMusic is award winning differentiation software for instrumentalists. Students of all ages and skill levels can play with professional
accompaniments, making practice rewarding and productive.  Some of the key features of the software allow the user to; (1) adjust tempos so that students can practice passages at a speed appropriate for their skill level, (2) record so that they can listen and analyze their own performances and even submit recordings to the teacher via e-mail, (3) assess their performance and provide instant feedback, and (4) utilize a tuner which gives them visual and auditory practice to determine whether they are sharp or flat.  Cost:  $1,105 Contact:  Nancy Golden
History Alive Collections From A to Z Walker School wants to bring Illinois history alive with this grant.  Throughout the school, they will showcase an educational collection of Illinois artifacts and creative student and community artwork.  The students will utilize the “Big-6” information and technology model (which was the basis of a prior Foundation Grant) to conduct research on which topics would best represent Illinois.
Through this unique and collaborative program, the students and teachers will bring new life and excitement to Illinois history.  Each letter of the alphabet will represent some faction of Illinois history in a creative, innovative way. Cost:  $885 Contact:  Rachel Wade

Past teacher grants 2009-2010