past teacher grants

The following projects were funded:

Cycle181 Literary Magazine:  Bringing Young Writers and Artists to the WorldDonna Vorreyer, the 8th grade language arts teacher at HMS, submitted this grant.   She has proposed an on-line literary magazine that would include written and artistic submissions by District 181 students of any age or grade.  Middle school students and teacher moderators would serve as editors and web designers.  Initially, the goal would be to publish two issues and hold a reading/art show to coincide with the second issue.  This project will foster the district’s goals regarding literacy and technology.COST:  $2,800.00

Can You Hear Me Now? -Portable PA System The elementary gifted specialists submitted this request for a portable PA system to enhance the effectiveness of presentations by ACE students at the conclusionof each unit of learning.  In addition, this will allow students to further develop their public speaking and presentation skills.COST:  $797.00Going Green at MadisonThe

“Go Green Committee” at Madison school would like to expand a current project to teach and help students develop habits that protect and preserve the environment.  The 4th grade students have studied student lunch waste and have determined that much of what gets thrown away can be recycled.  They want to promote recycling by purchasing bins dedicated to specific waste such as paper, aluminum and selected plastics.  The also want to purchase worm bins to process the organic waste from the lunchroom.  Attendant to this proposal is a request to purchase videos and books about recycling as well as more eco-friendly materials for lunches such as cloth napkins and lunch bags.COST:  $1,337.00

Connecting Boys to Books 2:  Closing the Reading Gap Stephanie Stieglitz, the MRC Director at The Lane School is seeking a grant topurchase several copies of the book titled “Connecting Boys to Books 2: Closing The Reading Gap” by Michael Sullivan.  A copy of the book would be housedin each school as well as the Hinsdale and Clarendon Hills libraries.  This grant is just the starting point of a much larger effort to connect boys to books with thelong-term goal of increasing free choice reading.  This,  in turn, will lead to increased reading ability, larger vocabularies, improved spelling and writing.Following the purchase of the books, The Lane School will submit a grant application to the Illinois State Library that would allow them to bring Mr. Sullivan to the area to speak to parents and teachers and fund additionalinteractive materials.COST:  $455.00

Reach for the Stars:  Skyrocketing Student Success Ms. Lea Eliopulos, the Response to Intervention Math Teacher at HMS submittedthis request to pilot an award winning and research based formative assessment program for struggling middle school math students.  The program allows for regular and frequent assessment and provides educational tools to pinpoint and improve student deficiencies with targeted instruction.  The pilot would involve 45 students who have already been identified for the program.COST:  $427.50

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words:  Books to Enhance Writing Traits The 6 + 1 traits of writing is a valuable tool utilized by the district to teach writing.  However, at the middle school level, the “kit” lacks valuableliterature and lessons need to fully implement the program.  Therefore, Patti Mendel, the TPI Teacher at HMS has requested monies to purchase booksthat will aid teachers in developing an effective cross-curricular writing trait classroom that will support standard based teaching.COST:  $555.84   


Past teacher grants 2008-2009