past teacher grants

The following projects were funded:

Science-Big Improvements for Small Science - Jim Cox and Mary Kelly (District 181 Science Center): Jim Cox and Mary Kelly submitted a grant proposal seeking: (1) 143 microscopes to ensure equity among the 9 district schools and to provide up-to-date equipment for students to make science come alive; (2) 5 scopecam units which allow PC/LCD projector hook-up for high tech viewing and advanced learning; and (3) 7 safety storage units to ensure proper storage and a long life for the units purchased. The new microscopes are part of the core materials required for the revised elementary science program and should provide excellent service to students for another 15 years.

Conservation Through Compost - Nancy Grapenthien (CHMS 6th Grade Science Teacher), Theresa Wilkie (Teacher on Assignment): Earlier this year, the ECO Club at CHMS gathered and analyzed waste from all three lunches at CHMS. From their efforts, they were able to raise student awareness about recycling and work with the school’s service provider to switch materials that would help reduce the amount of waste. Now they want to expand the volume of the program and make it a school wide effort through special bio system-composting houses. This project has unlimited future applications and could be expanded to every school in the district, become embraced as a community environmental project and even be adopted in individual households.

Technology in Physical Education - Melissa Marshall (PE Teacher Walker School), Laura Calek: This grant proposal requests two palm pilots with software to benefit the physical education curriculum by enabling the teachers to keep track of student assessments, fitness scores, behavior issues and attendance through a hand-held device. This will allow the teachers to give more individualized instruction and spend more time preparing lessons.

Past teacher grants 2007-2008