past teacher grants

The Foundation funded eight grants for the school year for a total of $32,795.00.

The following projects were funded:

Integrated, Differentiated, Utilized—Roger Taylor’s Curriculum Design Online: Hundreds of multi-discipline, fully integrated, age appropriate options to meet the needs of a differentiated classroom.

Math and Technology Fusion: A pilot project in the Middle Schools to measure the effectiveness of tablet PC’s and Personal Response Systems (PRS) in certain 6th, 7th, and 8th grade math classes.

Geo Mat Fitness: This program is a non-competitive tool for teaching physical fitness that incorporates mathematical concepts along with physical fitness and movement concepts.

United Video Streaming Subscription for the Middle Schools: Downloadable video segments of a number and variety that far exceeds anything that could be purchased by the schools for teachers to use at will in their teaching.

Managing the Tiers without Tears: A reading support program that expands the Harcourt Reading Program and provides differentiated support materials for all second grade readers.

Soaring to Fluency Success: All the materials necessary to implement the One-Minute Leveled Reader Program, a home/school reading fluency program provides students with tools that help them become more effective readers.

Big-6 Systematic Research Model: A uniform method for teaching research skills to students living in a world of information overload.

Celebrating and Appreciating Hispanic Cultures through Children’s Literature: A program that will expose children to various aspects of Hispanic culture and help students recognize similarities and differences in cultures.

Past teacher grants 2006-2007