past teacher grants

The Foundation funded eight grants for this school year in the sum of $20,465.00.

The following grants were funded:

IPods in Action: This grant will trial the use of five I Pods, ILife Family Package software, microphones and speakers within the Oak School fifth grade curriculum. The IPods will be used for pod casts and interviews that are incorporated into curricular studies. Students will also be able to record and listen to e-books that are related to the curriculum or incorporate some of their original music works into pod casts through the garage band 3 application which is a part of the iLife 06 Family Package Software.

Watersheds in Our Community: This grant will fund a problem based learning Life Science unit for the fifth graders at Elm School. The purpose of this unit is to make students aware of the importance of biodiversity and interrelationships between humans and their surrounding environment. Yoga for Physical Education: This grant funds a two day “Yoga for Kids” workshop to service all the children at Oak School during their physical education class. It will be conducted by a master yoga instructor and presented in a playful way to give children a feeling of self-expression and creativity; while enabling students to increase their flexibility and ability to focus and control anxiety.

Resource Center for Differentiated Learning: This grant will fund the start up of a curriculum resource center that will be available to all teachers at both middle schools. It will provide resources that enable middle school teachers to help higher level learners through differentiating and extending the current curriculum, encouraging higher-level thinking and enhancing their learning experience.

Digital USP Microscopy: This grant provides each middle schools 6th and 7th grade science classes with a ProScope CSI kit. These digital USP microscopes allow the collection of microscopy or telescope data in the form of digital pictures that may be saved to a computer. Permanent visual records of microscopy work allows for additional manipulation of data after the live specimens have died and expands the class collaboration experiences.

Math Exemplar Software: This grant will fund a Math Exemplar software program which will be incorporated into the Monroe school mathematic curriculum. This software provides problems that encourage children to investigate their own thinking and learn how to communicate that thinking, thus helping them learn about their own thought processes as well as helping others the understand theirs.

Musical Instrument Acquisition: This grant is to fund the acquisition of a baritone saxophone and a quarter-size contrabass for the HMS Band students. These instruments are imperative for the growth of HMS’s music program, that supports a long-term vision of establishing a larger district wide ensemble. Currently CHMS has these instruments.

MotivAiders; Improvement Through Independence: This grant will fund tools that have shown the improvement of behaviors or tasks through independent self monitoring. Alerting the child with these devices, to check whether they are talking or working quietly, enables the child to feel proud if they are on task or be quietly reminded to continue working, without being called upon by a teacher.

Past teacher grants 2005-2006