past teacher grants

The Foundation funded five grants for the school year in the Sum of $14,528.

The following grants were funded:

Bridging The Literacy Gap Grant: Funds will be used to purchase tape recorders and audio books sets for children in our district that do not speak English as their first language. The program will help to increase their English language literacy and allow them to continue learning at home with their families. This grant was put together by one of the district’s TPI teachers.

Independent Readers: Road to Success Grant: Funds will be used to provide books, baskets and a standard book categorizing and evaluation system for readers in grades K-2 that are working with the Reading Specialists at all elementary schools within the district.

Wireless Cart Peripherals for the Middle Schools: The MRC directors at each middle school will use the funding to support and expand the creative learning capabilities of their Wireless Laptop Carts. The existing carts are in place, our funds will equip them with Digital Cameras, Camcorders, Photo-Smart printers and Projectors. These additional tools will be used by classroom teachers in support of their student’s projects and evaluated by the MRC directors and classroom teachers jointly.

Differentiated Class Room Seating: Funds will be used by a Madison School first grade teacher to purchase unique ball chairs. These chairs offer an alternative way to assist children with their focus and concentration skills during reading time.

Brain Muffs: Funds will be used by Lane School teachers to purchase noise canceling headsets. These will be used by children during classroom time, to assist them with the blockage of outside distractions and increase their focus and concentration skills.

Past teacher grants 2004-2005